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Charter Your DAO

Fork Solana-labs/Governance-ui

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Go to the public/realms folder

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Add a your DAO logo in a folder/file in this directory

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Open mainnet-beta.json

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Include your projects information in the format below to the end

{ "symbol": "SOLI",

"displayName": "Solana Ecosystem Index",

"programId": "GovER5Lthms3bLBqWub97yVrMmEogzX7xNjdXpPPCVZw",

"realmId": "J5ViB3N7S3YRnrMpy7iSy57yYQaviJJDmrfGVT51z44o",

"ogImage": "/realms/SOLI/soli_logo.png",

"website": "",

"twitter": "@Amun" },

  1. Sign up for using your Github account Info

  2. Create a pull request to commit your changes to Solana-labs/Governance-ui

    See this youtube video below for more context:

  3. Make sure to check that your image works and is mapped to your DAO. Click on preview and search for your DAO in the Realms browser to make sure it works