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Create a Bespoke DAO


When you choose to create a bespoke DAO, we assume that you're an advanced user who understands all the governance setup details and we present you a more complex and flexible form than the multisig DAO.

So let's create a Bespoke DAO:

Creating the DAO

With your governance setup plan in hand, you should fill the form as follows. The bespoke mode is split in 3 steps, let's do one by one:

Step 1: Name, Community and Program

In the first step, you'll need to fill the basic configuration for your DAO


  1. Name your DAO: Choose the name for your DAO but bear in mind that if you choose a name that already exists, the transaction will fail.

  2. Place the Community Token Mint if you have one, and if not, it will be generated for you. The community token mint is the token that will be used by the community to vote on proposals and it is required to create a governance.

    1. When you put the community token mint, a switch Transfer Authority will show up. If checked, it will transfer the authority of the community token to the realm.
  3. Min community tokens to create governance: this field represents that to create a governance, there should be at least N% of the max supply of the tokens minted, being 1% the default value for tokens with supply bigger than 0. If the supply is 0, then this value will be set to 1000000 by default.

  4. Community mint supply factor: the max vote weight of the community token. If it is set to 1 then total supply of the community governance token equals to 100% vote. This value can vary from 0.0000000001 to 1.


If you don't fill this field, the community token will be generated by the app


5.The Governance Program Id field represents the Governance Program of the organization. If a DAO wants full control of their DAOs, they should deploy their own governance program. But to facilitate, Solana provides a default Governance program ID GovER5Lthms3bLBqWub97yVrMmEogzX7xNjdXpPPCVZw so, if you don't want to deploy a governance program now, it is possible to use this instance.


Checking Use Test Instance will change the program id to GTesTBiEWE32WHXXE2S4XbZvA5CrEc4xs6ZgRe895dP and run in a test program instead of the main program id. This is recommended if you are deploying a testing DAO.


  1. Lastly, the Governance program version that represents the version of the governance program. If you're using the default instance then at the time of writing the version of the deployed program is 1.


  1. Click next to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: The Council

The second step will guide you to setup the council settings. This step is optional and you can uncheck Use Council so you won't have a council for your DAO.

  1. Place the Council Token Mint The council token is a token that will be distributed to the DAO's team. It's usually necessary if your DAO has no community and needs some level of governance.

This step is optional, you don't need council mint to create a bespoke DAO but if you want a council, but doesn't have a token mint id, let the field empty and we'll generate for you.


  1. Click next to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: The Summary

The third step will show a summary of all the data you have put in the form. Check to see if everything is alright


Click create, sign the transactions, and when all transactions are finished, you'll be redirected to the DAO's page.