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Create a Multisig DAO

The multisig option is the first and easiest way to create a DAO. When you select this option you only need to worry about three things:

  1. The name of your DAO;
  2. The approval quorum, that is the minimum amount of yes votes to accept a proposal; and
  3. People who'll be part of your team, whose will own a council token.

So, let's create a multisig DAO together.

Click on Create DAO on the home page and option and the following wizard will be shown:


Click on the 'Multi-Signature Wallet'option


Name your wallet



Realms will provide a governance program ID by default, users can add their own customer Program ID under Advanced Options at this step in the multisig wallet wizard.

Invite Members

Input solana addresses to add members to the multisig wallet


Select the minimum percentage of yes votes to approve a proposal. The default is 60%


After following this steps, you should have something like the image below: multisigteam

Then just click Create wallet, your wallet will pop up asking for signature. Approve to create the tokens and deploy the DAO.

After the transaction is complete, you'll be redirected to the DAO's page.