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Treasury Domain Name

It is possible for a treasury account to have a .sol address (eg. mytreasury.sol) through Bonfida. Anybody can send .sol domains to the treasury account. A Bonfida domain points to the current owner of said domain. For more information on solana domains, read Bonfida's documentation.

Note that a domain name must be owned by the treasury, not the governance itself to function. Do not transfer ownership of a domain to the governance's pubkey.

Purchasing a .sol domain name

To purchase a .sol domain name, head to Bondifa's Solana Name Service and follow the process.

Set up treasury address

Make sure your governance (eg. DAO) has a SOL treasury account. See Treasury Accounts if you haven't set one up yet.


Copy the deposit address of the treasury. This will be the address you'll transfer the .sol domain name to.


Transfer domain to treasury

As mentioned before, your domain must be transferred to the treasury's address (the one that you just copied).

Head to your domains on Bonfida, and select the domain you'd like to transfer. Under the "Domain information", "Owner" section, click the "Transfer" button. Paste in your treasury address and hit transfer.


After the transaction is processed, your domain has been transferred to the treasury and is now pointing to your treasury's address. You can send a small amount of SOL to this .sol domain name and see that it arrives directly into your treasury.

Transfer out domain name

It is currently only possible to transfer out a domain name from the treasury to a different address using a proposal with a custom instruction.