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๐ŸŸจ How to Propose Clawing Back Granted Tokens

Propose Clawing Back Granted Tokens

Brief guide onto how to propose clawing back granted tokens after VSR is enable for the DAO in case.

Step 1 - Create Proposal

  • Head to your DAO page on Realms.
  • Select "New Proposal".

  • Input a Title and Description for your proposal.

Step 2 - Transaction Type

  • Select the Transaction type. In this case, you will select Clawback.
  • Fill out the clawback information.
    • Voter: The Solana wallet address that received the Grant.
    • Deposit: A single voter could receive multiple Grants. Selecting this determines which Grant the proposal would clawback.
    • Clawback Destination: The Treasury Account the clawed back tokens should go into.

Step 3 - Create the Proposal


If you try to clawback tokens that have voted on an active proposal the tokens will be transferred back to the treasury, the vote will stay, but the user will no longer have the voting power.


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