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🟨 Adding Council Members to a DAO

Step 1 - Click Add Members on the DAO Dashboard​

  • In order to add a member to your DAO, follow the steps detailed below:

Step 2 - Procceed to click on [+]​

  • Click on the [+] button in the members panel of your DAO.

Step 3 - New Member Wallet​

  • Specify the new member's wallet address in the form that appears and press the [Propose] button to create a proposal to add the new member.


All the other options of the proposal are automatically filled out and you don't have to specify them unless you want to override the default values.

  • Proposal details:
    • Proposal Title: This is the title the other members of your DAO will see when they vote on the proposal.
    • Proposal Description: The description of the proposal.
    • Voter Weight: If the member is added the voter weight defines how much voting power the member will have. Voter weight of 1 means the new member would have 1 vote in the DAO. The voter weight can be changed in the future by creating additional proposals.

Step 4 - Voting​

  • After proposing and voting yourself, you have to wait for other members of the DAO to vote to add the member. Depending on how the DAO is set up a different percentage of members will have to accept the proposal before the new member can be added.

  • When enough members approve the proposal and the approval quorum is reached, it is automatically passed without waiting the full voting time (3 days by default).
  • Finally, after the proposal is approved by the DAO members, in the "Instructions" section of the proposal click on the [Execute] button to mint the membership token(s) to the new member.


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