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๐ŸŸฅ Airdrop Staking Options - Instruction

Airdrop Staking Options

Step 1 - Making The Proposal

Go to your community DAO on Realms, connect your wallet with governance power & press โ€œNew Proposal".

Step 2- The Inputs

Scroll down to the instructions interface & insert the inputs to design your staking options:

  • Name: A generic identifier for the particular issue of staking options.

  • Base Treasury: The token wallet on the Realms treasury that will be debited to fund the Staking Option Vault at Dual Finance.

  • Quote Treasury: The token wallet on the Realms treasury that will receive the exercise fee.

  • Quantity: The number of tokens in the staking options. Units are in atoms of the base token.

  • Expiration: The Unix timestamp as to when the options expire.

  • Strike: Strike price for the staking options. Units are quoted atoms per lot.

  • Lot Size: This is the minimum size of an option.

  • Payer Account: The treasury account that will pay the gas for the transaction.

  • Recipient Public Key: The Realms Treasury Address.

Once the proposal is finalized and executed, the token wallet will be debited and a new token account with the staking options will be created and credited with the receipt. You can now proceed to make an airdrop proposal as described earlier.


In need of help? Hop on on Realms Discord or Dual Finance Discord and ask away your questions!