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⏹️ How To Get $SOL?

Phantom Guide

Guide exclusive for Phantom Wallet onto how to get $SOL.

Step 1.

  • Open your wallet and click on Deposit.

Step 2.

  • Click Buy or Transfer.

Step 3.

  • Select your preferred payment method:
    • Transfer SOL from any CEX thats supports Solana.
    • Purchase SOL via MoonPay.
    • Purchase SOL via Coinbase Pay.
    • Send SOL from your other crypto wallet.

Step 4.

  • If purchased via MoonPay/ Coinbase Pay
    • For MoonPay enter your payment information.
    • For Coinbase Pay proceed with authentication then payment information.


The first time time you use Moonpay, it could take up to an hour to see the $SOL in your wallet.

Any subsequent deposits will show in your wallet within minutes.